About Makkieh Holding

In 1956, Mr. Adnan Makkieh started out a small business in Baalbek.
Despite the events in Lebanon and the geographical fragmentation at the time, he strived and struggled and worked hard for 33 years and never hesitated to endanger himself in order to maintain the continuity of the business.

In 1989, his son Mohamad joined the business, and started developing work and by 1994 the name of Makkieh was shining in the Beqaa governorate. At that point, Mr. Adnan and Mr. Mohamad, ambitious and craving for more success, and with their wide experience by then, found that the Beqaa became smaller to grow and decided to move the business to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

Late 1997, after finishing all the legal and logistics issues, they moved to continue their journey in the capital Beirut.
As any new company when it opens in a new and strange market, it faces many obstacles and big competitors at the level of the capital, but with determination, ambition, very good reputation in companies, transparency, legal and straight work, business background and experience, we did not give up!
With the support of Mr. Adnan and personal effort of Mr. Mohamad, who has been tired, diligent and worked very hard most of the time for consecutive days, also with the help of his brother Mr. Mostafa who joined them since then and still, a gradual growth was made even through hard times in the country. We have managed in a few years to be a difficult figure in Beirut.

After several years of hard working and struggling and family bonding through it all, such as they were raised by Mr. Adnan on commitment and love of work and belonging, the company was able to be one the best leading companies all over Lebanon.
Today, Makkieh is one of the leading players in the FMCG market in Lebanon, with a diversified product portfolio.